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Hello Harvey,

I just wanted to tell you thank you for having such a great support structure. I have been able to learn so much from the ICT site as well as from the other agents that share so readily.


I am new to this industry and I have never been so happy, even though it has at times been very frightening. I did not get into this business to travel, but to be an entrepreneur. The travel is a nice occasional perc to learn. My niche is not an easy one ( soft adventure and off-beat travel), but it is the one that will keep me happy and in this business.


I started with you in late August of 2000 and still going strong.  My goal is to earn my IATAN card again within the year of my start date. I am proud to say that I am approaching this lofty goal rapidly.When I reach my goal it will be because of ICT and all the support I have had from the various agents that have stepped up to help.


Once again a big thank you to the entire ICT team.

Sami/ Barefoot Adventures

You are so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
While researching a cruise for a client, I came across something I have never seen before. In Sabre Cruise, Princess has an exclusive Incentive Connection Travel discount. I was able to tell my very affluent client that Princess was giving a discount to MY agency only. My client was so impressed. He thought I was the important one. Because of all of the hard work you do for us, I have a new client for life.
Harvey, you're my hero, Mine too,
Sue / Dawn
Times To Remember




 I am absolutely amazed since I have been able to access all the systems how much ICT provides for all of us involved. I have worked at travel agencies that haven't given this much support verbal or written. I am very excited.


Also, I met two other ICT agents here in TN and we have gotten together a few times to discuss all the facets of travel and ICT. I truly feel blessed to have some "down the road" help.


 Anyway, I just wanted to tell you how privileged I feel to be a part of a team that cares for travel agents and has their best interest at heart.


ICT has an awesome philosophy and I am really enjoying being a part of the Family.


Thanks once again,



We have been affiliated with Incentive Connection Travel for approximately 7 years. It is our strong and humble opinion that you will not find a better host agency anywhere in the world. Give the folks at ICT loyalty and respect and you will receive the same in return. They work very hard for what they are able to provide their agents and it works out to be very advantageous for us all. I was very impressed when I became affiliated with ICT at how well they are known in the industry. It's like "Cheers" - everyone knows your name.
As far as good or bad experiences with ICT, I have had nothing but great experiences with ICT. Be a professional, "play by the rules" and you'll experience smooth sailing.
Sirius Travel, Ltd.




Just wanted to take a second and tell you how excited I am to be working with you and your staff. The professional level of service and support your agency offers is great. Robert continues to be a source of knowledge and assistance in helping make my transition seamless. Your communications of industry promotions and announcements are a huge assistance in keeping up on daily events.
Thank you again, and please pass on to your staff the note that their efforts are not unnoticed.


International Tours-BHM



I am a fairly new agent. I have only been in the business for 4 years and still learning, but one thing I have learned is the devotion everyone at ICT has in making our lives easier.


I am also the New England Area Director for NACTA and at some of the meetings and seminars I have been to I have heard quite a few complaints about their host agencies. None of them that complained had ICT for their host. I also noticed that the agents that had ICT for their host had nothing but good things to say about them (including myself).

After I completed travel school it took me over 6 months of research of many host agencies before Paula and I decided to go through ICT. It has
been the best business investment we have made. In 1999 I went to my first ICT "Family Reunion" and was amazed with the support of the
different suppliers.

I knew nothing about SABRE or any other GDS and with instructions and the support I received from both Harvey and SABRE I do very well with it.

The ICT chatlist is wonderful and although my input is minimal I get a lot of information and ideas through the vast knowledge of seasoned

All of this plus the overrides and support is more than enough to do all of your travel business through ICT.  We appreciate what ICT has done
and keep up the good work!

Dave and Paula
PMT Travel



Just wanted to say GOOD LUCK on the convention and really wish I could be there this year. I have only been with ICT 6 mo but have really enjoyed it and there is not a day that doesn't go by that I don't say..man, I wish I had found them long ago and switched from XXXXX Choice. Someday when you have time you and I will have to swap horror stories about them!


Take care and have a great time!!!


J & J Travel Service, LLC



Hi Harvey and Robert,


I am going on a RCCL cruise - Radiance of the Seas, 4 nights. I have a group of 19 that I am taking. This is my first "big boat" cruise, I have been on little ships, Windjammer and Star Clipper. So this should be a lot of fun.


Thank you for all that you and your family do to make it possible for me to participate in the travel industry and have the experience of running a small business. I am in the process of sending off the form to get my IATAN card - I have qualified (smile). I have been busier this spring than I ever expected and am thrilled. Without the your company's support -- it would not have been possible.


Have a wonderful holiday.


Shared Travel
An Independent Associate of Incentive Connection Travel


Hi Harvey,

I meant to send this last week! I just wanted to tell you how amazed I was at the rapid response I received from other ICT agents last week when I requested info about a water show in Las Vegas. Harvey, you have put together an incredible group here! Within 20 minutes of asking for help I had 22 replies! Not only did they give me the correct name of the show, I also received phone numbers, website addresses, ticket prices, ticket brokers and Lyn of Four Seasons Travel even told me the best vantage point (in a restaurant) to see the show!
I know this isn't anything new to you, but trust me, I'm impressed! This is a great group! I should add that my first encounter with other ICT agents was equally impressive. Susan from Astro Travel has been an enormous help to me. She even took the time to walk me thru some Sabre steps that I didn't understand. And Don & Beth also sent me a page of Hawaii State government links that would have taken me a week to find.
I think your business will outlast a lot of others with this kind of strength and support! Okay, I'll quit yacking and start working...
Elegant Cow Travel

Hello Harvey,


I believe Laurie at Ocean Ave Travel stated the professional side of ICT very well and I agree totally.  However, I would like to answer on the personal side of the ICT Siamon family. I've met just about everyone at the office and spent quality time with Heidi on a recent cruise and I would not have a bad word to say about anyone. They are a great group of people who try very hard to make our jobs easier, and our wallets are fuller and to put up with newbee's like myself.


I've been with ICT now for over two years, however, the past year I've been very ill and sales have not been very high, but every time I called, emailed or had my brother running for documents, brochures, etc. they always thought to ask how I was doing.


I'm glad I joined ICT and a lot of you fellow ICT'ers are not in Phoenix or close by, but if you have the opportunity to come to the next convention; it would be wise to meet them all up close and personal.


Harvey, you can be tough when you have to be, and obviously we've all made mistakes, but you are also one of the nicest people I've met in this industry. Thank you for all your support to me and my agency this past year and I'm looking forward to a more profitable and fun-packed year.


CruisEscapes and ExclusivEscapes


I have to say thank you once again to everyone at ICT for all of the hard work you do for us!

I've had two instances this week especially where I felt that little ol' me got special treatment and pricing because of being a part of the even bigger ICT!
First, a client who is sailing on the Rhapsody of the Seas in October called me because she saw on the internet that the price of her cruise, same category, had dropped. I went into Sabre Cruise, got the same price and called RCCL. I told the res agent the situation and asked her if I could have the lower price for my client even though their tickets had been issued. In less than five minutes of being on the phone, the RCCL res agent said "okay, done". I was ready to fight to get the lower price and didn't have to! Although I lost +/- $10 in commission, but my client saved $60 and she is a happier, repeat customer.

Today, I felt real victory when I found that I could underprice a bigger agency - Abracadabra Cruises here in Marietta. They are supposedly Carnival's "agency of the year".  I had been asked to quote a Carnival cruise for 10/13 and the potential client told me she normally deals with Abracadabra. I checked their web site prices against mine  and found them to be about $100 less than my web site. Apparently, the system does not reflect any resident specials so I went to bookccl.com and priced the same cruise and came out about $100 pp less than Abracadabra. Just out of curiosity, I had someone do a little phone shopping for me. Over the phone, Abraccadabra priced the same cruise, category, etc. even higher than their own web site. I can quote $30-85 cheaper per person than Abracadabra's best price on the same identical quote.

Kelly Francis
Sirius Travel, Ltd.



I have noticed many praises being sung regarding the chatlist group and of course the great "Siamon support team" I too join the chorus. Although I have been with ICT for 2  1/2 years I am still very inexperienced.  I came to ICT with minimal travel industry experience. Being part of this arrangement has opened up to me a wealth of knowledge & direction from the many provisions that come directly from ICT via the website and support.


The bonus to all of this has been the chatlist. Although many remain faceless to me { I have not met a lot of you [yet]} to me you have been my {mentors} and have come to my aid, rescuing me from my "ignorance" many times. I do indeed feel very appreciative. Although I always try to share an immediate thank you I wanted to send this to formally thank all who have and will in the future be my aids to understanding this business.


Something that has especially impressed me, more than the answers to question etc... is the 'morale boost' that is always there... I am one that often feels a little overwhelmed and underskilled at times and I have never been made to feel "stupid" Although I am sure some of my question have generated a couple sighs or chuckles. In addition I have received praise for accomplishments that I am sure are kindergarten to many.

This to me is the outstanding quality of both the chatlist and the Siamon family ....."COMPASSION"  In fact I think that might really be what the C stands for in ICT.







I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all that ICT provides. I love the travel business so much but equally enjoy being home with my daughter. The website and information you provide us with is nothing short of amazing.


When I was recently working on my first big group, a company in Dallas called High Point Travel, called me. They had been the agency who usually helped this group. They didn't want to lose the group and asked if I wanted to be an outside agent for them. It became a very short conversation when I told them that I received 70% commission from ICT and working to get to the 80%.  It was a little comical because of the pause on the other end of the line. There truly are no other host agencies that would even consider the commission split that you so generously give us because you share all the commissions, bonuses and incentive payments. And I did my homework before signing on with ICT. Thank you again for all you do. It is definitely above and beyond.



The Family Travel Company


Just wanted to tell you how pleased and excited I am about the quality of your web site & the setup of your program. I've been a travel agent for 11 years and have never seen such extensive industry info before. Keep up the good work!

Best regards,


I just want to say that I really appreciate all the help and support you have given to me since I joined ICT! There are so many areas where I still have so much to learn! Going from selling only one product, as a specialized agent, to selling everything from my home and doing all my own paperwork has been quite a change for me. I have made my share of errors and have asked you a million or so questions. You have never failed to be kind and quick with your responses.


Is there really only one Harvey or have you cloned yourself? After dealing with you, Heidi, Linda, Seta and Robert I feel that this must be a very special organization.


Thanks for the opportunity to work with you. May God bless each of you and your business!


Warm Regards,



I just want to say, ICT has the absolute BEST seasoned agents!!!! They are always willing to help with any question. I am just in awe of their generosity!! We are blessed to have them, and I know from talking to Denise this past weekend at the Family Reunion just how busy she is.... people have no idea!  Jan VanderLey also sent me a PNR cheat sheet..... what would we new people do without all these folks? :-)

Warm regards,
Roam the Globe Travel



Now that I have my computer up and your Web available, I finally got to go through quite a bit of the site today.   All I can say is "it's wonderful"! This is going to save me sooooo much time. I definitely made the right decision when I joined ICT.


Thanks for a great site!

Mary Margaret
Adventures in Travel




As a new agent, I am constantly amazed and appreciative of all the wonderful things ICT has made available to its agents. And as a new agent appreciate the reminders you send regarding the ICT site and other helpful sites. I can't imagine another agency having the incredible wealth of information ready for its agents at a click of a mouse. I had a couple of minutes and wanted to pass along my thanks for all ICT does to make our jobs as agents easier. I must say that between all the reading I've been doing about the travel business, ICT's website, and the chatline, I have learned more than I ever thought possible in the last 6 months. Again thanks for all you've done to help me along.


Most sincerely,

Diane, Kiana Travel




I attended ASTA's Cruisefest in Miami and had the opportunity to speak with Joanie Ogg.  When I mentioned that I was affiliated with ICT, she immediately had positive things to say about ICT as a host agency. It was clear that ICT is highly regarded in the industry! Just wanted to pass this along to you. Take care.



Destinations Unlimited Travel



THANK YOU for being so professional and patient with me. Your service has been better than I ever expected from any host agency. It is professional people like yourself, Harvey, Linda, Heidi and family, who makes a difference in this business and every other business out there.

Because I am a new travel agent, I get nervous at time with situations Im not familiar with, and because of your terrific way of making sure we do good in the travel business, I know Im not alone. I now know I am going to be a complete success with my travel agency, and one day I will get to meet you all in person and thank you for it.

Thank You ICT for being there.





I would also like express my sincere gratitude to you and everyone in the ICT family. I became a member of this family in Feb of last year. I had no travel experience except for booking my own travel as well as the travel for family and friends. This is a job I had always wanted and I finally decided to take the plunge. By the end of this January I will have accumulated enough commissions to qualify for my IATAN card.


This was my first goal. None of this could have been accomplished without the support and help from all of you at ICT. I will be forever grateful!

One of the things my husband and I were most looking forward to was the inaugural cruise on The Radiance. We were really looking forward to getting away for a few days. After the terrorist attack we were disappointed that the trip had been cancelled. But not for the reasons we thought we would be. We were most disappointed that we would not have the opportunity to meet fellow ICT family members. We realized that we had been looking forward to not only getting away for a few days but more importantly we were looking forward to meeting everyone. I am planning on attending the Family Reunion next year. I look forward to being able to thank all of you in person. Have a safe and happy holiday season!


Astro Travel Agency




I know everyone is very busy but I just want to send a proper THANK YOU for all you do for us!  Especially to Harvey,Robert, Linda, & Heidi

{ whom I pester with questions from time to time}  I can be a real proverbial "PAIN" at times. I think I shall forever be in the learning mode, so I appreciate all the "Patience" each of you have with me and my questions and petty problems!


E-mail is such an impersonal communication I always hope I don't come across rude in my question or problem requests. All of you always reply so kindly that I wanted to let you know you are appreciated.


Thank you very much!!

Virginia  Mini Journeys Travel


Every time I ask for help from ICTers, I am so impressed. The type of information that they poured out for me about Austin was stuff you just can't get on a visitors website.

My client is so very impressed! She thinks I can do anything (and all because of the generous people who take time to help). They made me look so good!
Warm regards,
Cruise & Travel Experts

Thanks for your support. ICT is truly awesome, especially after having been affiliated with a local agency.  I just wanted to let you know that I still have a few outstanding trips to Sandals with my old host agency. These were booked in November and December before I was fortunate enough to join ICT in January.
I still take care of these clients and all new bookings are made through ICT.
Thanks for your ongoing support.
A+ Travel



I was feeling like I needed some motivation to sell more cruises and clicked on to the ICT 'Online Videos' on your website. I just tried the 'Intro to Cruise Selling' video and the quality of the video was great. And it is so helpful that we can just get these off your website rather than sending away for them or borrowing them.

It provided a quick pick me up for what was otherwise a slow day and I plan to carve out time to watch the other videos you have as well.
Thanks, Harvey, for another great idea!
Cruises For Families


I am so excited and pleased to say that I have my first sale; a honeymoon package at Beaches Grand Sport at that!!! I was very nervous but Jennifer assured me and answered some of my questions so that really helped out a lot.
Looking at the commission I will receive, I am very happy that I chose ICT to be my host agency because other agencies I looked into were offering commission splits of 50/50 and less. I put in a lot of time and effort to plan this honeymoon for this couple and I shudder to think that another agency would "basically take the same credit as I by providing a 50/50 split and in some cases less"!!
Just wanted to say thanks not only for the generous commission split that you offer your agents, but the vast amount of resources; preferred suppliers, helpful tips on ICT's website, etc. that you offer us as well to make our jobs easier!!!
Thanks again,
Here To There Travel

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