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Why do I need Errors and Omissions Insurance?


What is the one thing that causes a new or experienced agent the worst of nightmares?  A law suit.  It makes no difference whether the suit is justified or not.  It still has to be court...with the aid and expense of an attorney.


Exactly what would prompt a client to sue his or her travel agent?  Some areas of concern are real errors and/or omissions.  We are human and do make mistakes.  On a busy day, selling a honeymoon to Europe to a client that has never traveled abroad, we might not emphasize the need for a passport.  The bride, when faced with a ticket agent telling her that this once in a lifetime event will not take place, might very well file a suit for “mental distress”, and if proven, could collect a substantial jury award.  This is an example of a legitimate claim.


Then there are the frivolous ones, like the client you booked into the Presidential Suite at the Uptown Plaza to impress a sales lead, who is told that the hotel is over-booked and he will be accommodated at the Days Inn 3 miles away.  Surely you should not be held responsible for an hotel over-booking problem, but everyone is entitled to sue for virtually any reason.  Again, you must defend yourself with an attorney.


We have not even touched on the major catastrophes like cruise ships on fire, air crashes, even rental car accidents.  Or less physically damaging, but potentially very costly events like a client checking in at a hotel while on tour and being told that the tour operator went bankrupt and never paid them and he will have to pay again for his accommodations.  Or a supplier that goes bankrupt after accepting your clients money, and the tour never even starts.  When these tragedies occur, everyone connected with the event is named and must defend.


No matter how careful and conscientious you are, errors and omissions do happen.  Most can be corrected by working with the supplier.  But. when that very irate, or truly damaged client sues, what a comfort to know that you are insured for both your legal fees and any award that could conceivably bankrupt you.



The Support Package includes Errors and Omissions Insurance


Access to the Incentive Connection Travel Website

Membership in Ensemble including their Air and Amenities Program

Travel 42 (Formerly Weissman Reports)

AgentPort Customizable Advertising and Client Booking Engine


E & O Coverage:


Bodily Injury and Property Damage (except automobile) $1,000,000

Professional Errors and Omissions

Personal Injury

Worldwide Occurrence



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