Frequently Asked Sabre Questions (FAQ's)

Below you will find a listing of the most frequently asked questions and answers about the Sabre GDS. If you have additional questions regarding our procedures or systems, please contact us.

Note - the initials “IC” stand for you, the Independent Contractor.


Q: Why does Incentive Connection Travel do a background check for it’s approval process for an IC to gain access to a Sabre?

A: ICT is all about protecting our ARC and IATA accreditation and our fellow professional agents  from the possible threat of a few unscrupulous people that could gain access to the GDS.  The consequences of which are abundantly clear.


Q: How much does it cost to get access to the GDS with ICT?

A: To obtain access to the Sabre GDS, ICT requires you to complete a GDS Access Application There is no fee for this application.  Other Hosts charge $100. 
Any additional Sabre user besides the original Sabre applicant (ie, sub-agents, outside sales agents, employees, owners, partners, shareholders, LLC members, officers, directors, etc) must complete the Sabre GDS application. There is no fee for this additional application.  Other Hosts charge $35. 
There is no setup fee for GDS software.  Other Hosts charge $49.95 for each software/license or terminal that you request access for. Click here for the Sabre Application.

The usage fee for Sabre is $25/month for the 1st license and $20 for each additional.  But the fee is waived if you make 100 bookings, of any kind (Hotel, Air, Cruise, Tour, Car, Hotel…..) in 1 month. Most of our agents pay nothing.


Q: What are ICT’s fees for issuing tickets, exchanges, refunds, voids, mail, etc.?

A: Please know that we have been in business for 30 years.  Following are the fees we have always had. 


Monthly Fee: Free with 100 bookings of any kind (Car, Air Hotel, Cruise, Vacation, Insurance) using Sabre.  You can combine all your bookings in Sabre to achieve the 100  so that there is no cost to you.  If your combined bookings are less than 100 per month, your cost is only $25.00 per month which includes system/terminal/license access.  Other Hosts: $35.00 per mo


GDS Access Application Fee: $0   Other Hosts: $100.00
Personal Information Form (PIF) Fee $0 Other Hosts: $35
2nd User Application Fee: $0 Other Hosts: $35.00
GDS Setup Fee $0 Other Hosts: $49.95



Ticketing:  Examine carefully the differences in fees between ICT and Other Hosts.  Your profits and income are defined by these “extras”.

Ticket yourself or Have Incentive Connection do it for you. 


Fee for ICT to ticket during business Hours: $0 Other Hosts: $2.00 per ticket
Fee for ICT to ticket after business Hours, Weekends, etc: $0 Other Hosts: $3.50 per ticket
Fee to ticket yourself, you do it all: $0    Other Hosts: $6.00 per PNR
Fee for Manual Approvals: $0 Other Hosts: $100.00


Fee for ARC Entries Not Invoiced, Repeated Invoicing, Improper Invoicing, Service Fees Not Invoiced, Adding Segments (car/hotel, etc.) to a PNR, Invoicing New Segments, Not Removing Accounting Lines, or Not Segment Selecting When Re-invoicing $0.  Other Hosts: $15 per error


Fee for Voids: $5 Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Refunds : $7.50 Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Exchanges: $7.50 Other Hosts: $25.00 per tkt
Fee for Xcnl HX Segments: $0 Other Hosts: $25.00 per tkt
Fee for Group Ticketing: $0 Other Hosts: $125.00
Fee for PNR Quality Assurance: $0  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Exchange non compliance: $0    Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Void non compliance: $0  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Refund non compliance: $0 Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Debit Memo: $0      Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for reasonable Accounting Research: $0   Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt



ICT is the “No Surprises Host Agency”



Q: Can I have my own pseudo city / office I.D.?

A: Yes.  There are no additional fees imposed.  Compare to other Hosts menu of fees.


Q: Can I install the Sabre GDS software license on multiple computers?

A: Yes.  There are no additional fees.


Q: Does ICT mail passenger receipts and or invoices?

A: Yes, but with eTickets and eDocs……the choice is yours.  There is no fee for this service.


Q: How does ICT handle manual approval codes?

A: ICT agents are in total control of their business.  You have the ability to call and obtain manual approval codes from the credit card company to process airline tickets. There is no fee for this.  If you want ICT to get the approvals…..again, no fee.  Compare to other Hosts.


Q:  How does ICT handle schedule changes and HX segments?

A:  The agent is in full control of their ticketing and can work their PNR’s as they wish.  Having your own Queue makes this easy.  There is no fee involved.


Q: How does ICT handle debit memos?

A: If ICT receives an airline debit memo concerning an agent’s PNR, we provide the agent with all details of the memo. If the agent wishes to dispute the memo, agent must do so within the airline’s time frame. Please copy ICT on all communication between agent and the airline to verify the dispute. If the agent asks ICT to intervene on their behalf, we will do all possible. There is no fee for this service. But if the dispute is not resolved in favor of the agent, agent will be responsible for any damages.


Q: How many logins do you receive with the Sabre GDS software?

A: You will receive one which can be shared . Additional logins for simultaneous access are available by obtaining additional Sabre licenses.  These are also free with 100 Sabre bookings of any combination (Air, Car, Cruise, Hotel, Insurance, Vacation…..) per month per login.


Q: Can an agent obtain a personal ICT queue and can an agent have more than 1?

A: Yes. We will set up as many as you require to operate your business……your way.


Q: If an agent has an airline contract, does the agent have to advise ICT?

A: Yes but please send ICT a copy of the contract.


Q: What is ICT’s credit card acceptance policy?

A: As an Independent Contractor, you are ultimately responsible for any chargeback’s due to use or misuse of a credit card.  Please use due diligence when working with NEW customers paying by credit card. The fraud usually originates with a NEW customer, not a loyal past customer.


Required Credit Card Information for all Airline Ticket PNRs (Should be built into your client’s STAR so that it will be entered once saving you time on future PNR’s)


1.    Credit Card Number

2.    Card Holder Name as it appears on the card.

3.     Expiration Date

4.     Cardholder Billing Address

5.     Passenger Phone Number

6.     Cardholder Phone Number (if different from Passenger)

7.     CVV Number (Amex–4 digits on front of card, MC/Visa/Disc–3 digits on back of card)

8.     Issuing Bank Phone Number (located on the back of card)


For 3rd Party Credit Cards:


Individual Travel - Obtain a signed Credit Card Authorization Form (one-time use) along with a front/back copy of the credit card.  Form is on the ICT web site.


Corporate Travel - Prior to ticketing, obtain a Credit Card Authorization Form (continuous use) along with a front/back copy of the credit card.



Q:  I am new to Sabre.  How can I learn the system?

A:  Sabre has a self paced Sabre Personal Trainer built into their system.  It is available free, on demand, 24 X 7.


Q: What is a Non-Compliance Fee charged by other Hosts that ICT does not charge for?

A: This fee is imposed to IC’s who place an incomplete PNR on queue for ticketing. This fee also applies to IC’s who process their own exchanges, voids and/or refunds but fail to complete and submit the necessary form within 24 hours.  Mistakes happen.  ICT will not penalize you.


Q: Can an IC invoice cruises, tours and service fees through the GDS?

A: Yes, ICT provides all the necessary formats to invoice any sale through the GDS.


Q:  Is there a website for an IC to view their sales and pending commissions?

A: Yes. All ICT’s systems have this functionality.  An agent can view all pending commissions as well as all incoming commission received by ICT.  This great tool allows an agent to know the amount of their next commission payment from ICT which is direct deposited each month.


Q: Can an agent charge service fees through the GDS?

A:  Yes, an agent can charge a service fee of any amount.


Q: Can I charge a service fee and have ICT pay the supplier?

A: No, this is using ICT as a merchant and it is against industry policy. An agent should pay the supplier via credit card or request us to send an ICT company check.


Q:  How does ICT process instant purchase or ticketless carrier transactions?

A: When these reservations are made, a follow up phone call must be made to ICT to have the reservation processed immediately to obtain the original fare stored for ticketing.  Self ticketing is the best way to go.  Process instant tickets…..instantly?


Q: Does ICT have airline contracts?

A: ICT has airline contracts with many carriers paying as much as 22% commission. All ICT contracts are on our web site. Plus dozens through our participation in the Air by Ensemble program (No cost to you). 


Q: Can I negotiate a contract with a carrier I use on a regular basis?

A:  Yes. If you do, please request the contract to be in the name of Incentive Connection Travel and send a copy to ICT prior to issuing any tickets using the contract.


Q: How does ICT process the ARC report?

A: ICT processes the weekly ARC report through the IAR (Interactive Airline Reporting) system.


Q: Can an IC use the DRS within the GDS for updated carrier information?

A: Yes, but… is not kept up to date by the airlines. A call should be placed to the airline for any questions.


Q: Can the form of payment be changed on a ticketed PNR?

A: No, once a PNR is ticketed, it cannot be changed.

Our office is located at: Incentive Connection Travel Building 13029 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix Arizona  85022 , Phone: (602) 867-9606. Fax: (602) 867 9216.


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