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Sabre and Sabre Red Workspace

Am I required to take Sabre?  Sabre is totally optional

From the original travel inquiry on the front end, to serving your customers throughout the trip experience, to business intelligence to close the loop, Sabre Red is the total travel solution to drive customer loyalty and power business performance.
 Success in the travel business requires a healthy balance. On one hand, there's resource spent on customer service and on the other hand there's achieving your profitability goals. Focus only on efficiency and the customer experience suffers. Likewise, overextend resources to build loyalty and profits disappear. Creating and maintaining high customer loyalty -- while also growing revenue and keeping costs in check - is the essence of value creation for your business.

Key Benefits

  • Faster start up times
  • Greater stability
  • Higher performance worldwide
  • Superior application integration capability
  • Administrative control to manage configuration and updates down to a user level


  • Quick access to all of your travel information sources, including the Sabre GDS, in one place. Drastically reduce those open windows and websites crowding your screen
  • Streamline booking process with integrated content from powerful tools such as Air, Car, Vacation Packages, Cruise and Hotels - all just a click away
  • Provide new sales opportunities through interactive offers; the workspace alerts you to better deals while you're booking
  • Choose your own workflow whether you're an ace with formats or prefer format-free, point-and-click functionality
  • Graphical view allows you to book air, car, hotel, etc using a fully-graphical, keyboard-driven workflow

Monthly Fee: Free with 100 bookings of any kind (Car, Air Hotel, Cruise, Vacation, Insurance) using Sabre.  You can combine all your bookings in Sabre to achieve the 100  so that there is no cost to you.  If your combined bookings are less than 100 per month, your cost is only $25.00 per month which includes system/terminal/license access.  Other Hosts: $35.00 per mo


GDS Access Application Fee: $0 Other Hosts: $100.00
Personal Information Form (PIF) Fee $0    Other Hosts: $35
2nd User Application Fee: $0 Other Hosts: $35.00
GDS Setup Fee $0  Other Hosts: $49.95

Ticketing:  Examine carefully the differences in fees between ICT and Other Hosts.  Your profits and income are defined by these “extras”.


Ticket yourself or Have Incentive Connection do it for you. 


Fee for ICT to ticket during business Hours: $0   Other Hosts: $2.00 per ticket
Fee for ICT to ticket after business Hours, Weekends, etc: $0 Other Hosts: $3.50 per ticket
Fee to ticket yourself, you do it all: $0   Other Hosts: $6.00 per PNR
Fee for Manual Approvals: $0  Other Hosts: $100.00



Fee for ARC Entries Not Invoiced, Repeated Invoicing, Improper Invoicing, Service Fees Not Invoiced, Adding Segments (car/hotel, etc.) to a PNR, Invoicing New Segments, Not Removing Accounting Lines, or Not Segment Selecting When Re-invoicing $0.  Other Hosts: $15 per error


Fee for Voids: $5 Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Refunds : $7.50  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Exchanges: $7.50  Other Hosts: $25.00 per tkt
Fee for Xcnl HX Segments: $0   Other Hosts: $25.00 per tkt
Fee for Group Ticketing: $0   Other Hosts: $125.00
Fee for PNR Quality Assurance: $0   Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Exchange non compliance: $0     Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Void non compliance: $0 Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Refund non compliance: $0  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for Debit Memo: $0  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt
Fee for reasonable Accounting Research: $0  Other Hosts: $15.00 per tkt


ICT is the “No Surprises Host Agency”

 Initially, all PNR's must be queued to Incentive Connection Travel for ticketing to do quality controls, 7 days per week, including all holidays.   Mistake in ticketing can prove very costly. After we get to know you and determine that you are proficient in Sabre, we will allow you to do your own ticketing, 24 X 7.

Email Itineraries: Email itineraries directly to your client free of charge via Sabre’s Virtually There module. gives your customers a personalized, secure travel assistance website that provides immediate access to trip itinerary information, real-time flight updates, and personalized destination-based information.


Sabre Technical Support: Toll-free call to GDS.

Accounting/Interfacing: Fully compatible with TRAMS back-office accounting software used by Incentive Connection Travel .

Our office is located at: Incentive Connection Travel Building 13029 North Cave Creek Road Phoenix Arizona  85022 , Phone: (602) 867-9606. Fax: (602) 867 9216.


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